Dream Big, Dream Often, But Do it With a Purpose

Dream Big, Dream Often, But Do it With a Purpose

Dream Big, Dream Often, But Do it With a Purpose

“Less wishing, more doing. The lottery won’t save you,” is my motto today, and the rest of my life.  So many of us have ravishing dreams that poise us to new heights in our fantasy, yet some of these dreams never seem to materialize, why is that? What is preventing us from initiating our goals, and even accomplishing them? Be honest with yourself, and strategize a plan to save your life today.

The Purposeful Life

At any moment in time, we can pull a goal out of the air for any given reason.  Whether that goal materializes, will depend heavily on our personal drive, our willingness to invest what it takes to attain this ambition, and most importantly a solid purpose for wanting to reach our design? When a goal or idea arise, take the time to write it down, think about it, and reflect on the purpose behind it.  Dictionary.com defines purpose as “the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.”  So you want to establish a financial planning firm that caters to women; what is the reason which inspires you to do so, what is the intended outcome of pursuing such an endeavor, and think about whose life the venture will cultivate.  How do you wish to impel your life, the lives of your potential clients, or both? How a goal effects or affects your life and that of your clients must also be noted and will depend solely upon your character. You must approach each goal with an actual purpose, without that, you will lack the determination and motivation it will take to carry on. The purpose is what drives our goals.


Distractions are the gifts we want to stop receiving, right? This may come in the form of people, things, lack of willpower, or even an action that is meant to propel us towards achieving our goals. Here are some distractions to stare clear of:

  1. The friend or family member who loves to laugh at your dreams or goals and remind you that it will be impossible if not hard to accomplish, and they will remind you of your past failure in the most negative way possible. You must learn to be strong and stand up against people like this.
    1. Stay clear of such negative, hating BS; these people are either arrogant or just don’t want to see you become a better you, or even worse; they are so competitive with others that they do not want to see you accomplish more than they have (these people are common).
  2. Discussing your dreams with other people.
    1. Because once we start discussing our goals, we have a tendency to think that that is an accomplishment in itself.
    2. Don’t brag about and share what you are working on, devise a great plan and start executing it before the world knows.
  3. Too much planning and learning.
    1. Girl, you just need to take a risk and learn while you’re on the journey.  Of course, there are important must learn aspects of things, but how many self-development books are you going to read before you start pursuing your purpose.
    2. Don’t try to copy everything Oprah has done, create your unique way of doing things and approaching life.
    3. Use people such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as means as inspiration, but do not try to make your journey identical to theirs; you are not them, you are you. We are not the people who inspire us.


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This could go on for days, but I will likely bore you. Take these ideas, thoughts, and philosophical perspectives and apply them to your life and/or create your distinctive path. This is meant to inspire and motivate you. I find as time passes by, I learn to understand my purpose and the reasons behind them wholeheartedly. I am just like you, still trying to figure things out, and still trying to make my dreams a reality. Let me know your thoughts, and what is holding you back. If you have an inspirational story to tell, reach me at info@sugblog.com.

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