10 Things I Do to Stay Positive and Enjoy Life |by Kerisha Deans

10 Things I Do to Stay Positive and Enjoy Life |by Kerisha Deans

10 Things I Do to Stay Positive and Enjoy Life |by Kerisha Deans

I had to get some things off my chest last night, opened up to a new friend, and had a great night’s sleep. So of course, the next morning I am bursting with positivity and happiness. I walked into my building at 6:30 am this morning, and as usual there is a security guard there. I did my usual, SMILE, feel amazing, and wish him a good morning and a great rest of the day. To my surprise, he rejected the “great day” and stated that we should never plan the day because we do not know what will happen. While I can appreciate that in certain aspects of life, like planning to get married by your 30, in this case, I totally disagree with him. Having a positive outlook on life and the day is the thing that will attract positive abundance in your life. If you just float around with no care of how the day will be, then you will drift around like a dead leaf in the autumn. I am not saying you should try to control what will happen because none of us have control over life (don’t let your mind tell you anything differently). What I’m saying is look for the best in everything you encounter, this includes people.


Here are 7 strategies that I use to stay positive and upbeat.

1. I stay away from extremely pessimistic people. Their energy just reeks of negativity. Nothing good is admirable to them, and just allow them two seconds and they will point out why something will end badly. If you are like this, please learn more about mindfulness, and you will see so much happiness in your life.

2. I seek out people with positive energy like mine. Firstly, being around someone who is like you is a souvenir in itself, plus your positive energies are added together, it makes life exceptional. Think of all the wonder things you can accomplish.

3. Stay away from people who tend to gossip and love to throw shade via social media. I mentioned this in my post about toxic people; these are the worse people in the world. These people will drain you, and try to make you dislike other people for no apparent reason. Everyone is different, so stop criticizing people for every little thing.

4. When you feel negativity creeping in (and it will), read a great book that focuses on centering you. I absolutely love The Untethered Soul by Peter Berkrot, and this book is my absolute go to when I catch myself being less than positive. It really centers me and reminds me that I can take control of my mind when it starts to lead me down a cynical path.

5. Take a long walk in the park with your dog or a great positive friend whom you can laugh with.

6. Go dancing or take a medium impact cardio class like Zumba (I frigging love Zumba). Dancing makes me come alive, and I really cannot dance, but I dance my way, and it feels tremendous. comic-1302161_960_720

7. Take a walk outside and smile at friendly strangers, it really feels satisfying (especially if you are having a bad day at work).

8. Take on a new hobby; accomplishing something even something as small as joining a sports league will make you feel amazing about yourself. Do something that makes you feel amazing.

9. Write in your gratitude journal, or use Evernote as your gratitude journal. I put all my personal and business thoughts and ideas there and have many. Too often we forget how many favors God or the universe (spirituality goes beyond religion) has bestowed upon us.

10. Do something good for someone (buy them coffee or a car if you are rich).

Life will never be perfect, but we can always make the most of it. People have energies, and if you put negative energy out there, then you will attract negative things and individuals. Embrace the positivity in you, and watch how much you will smile and feel encouraged. Life can be a beach even when it is pouring.


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